Without Walls Day Habilitation: 

A community based day program for adults who live both within the community and in residential settings who are looking for daily community based activities and goals.

Without Walls Supplemental Day Habilitation:

A community based day program for adults  living in the community who are looking for evening and Saturday community based activities and goals. 

Community Habilitation:

In-home services geared at teaching individuals of all ages valuable life skills and independent living skills.  Services also offered to residential based adults who prefer community habilitation over traditional day habilitation.

Self Direction/Fiscal Intermediary:

a Program designed to empower people with disabilities and their families to design and manage services based on their individual needs and goals.  

Respite Services:

We provide various respite services to provide relief to the caregivers of children and adults who lives in the community. Respite Services including Holiday School Respite, At-Home Respite, Recreational Respite and After School Respite. 

Services Coming Soon: Supportive Employment