Self-Direction / Fiscal Intermediary

Self-Direction / Fiscal Intermediary

The Harris Hands Self Direction/ Fiscal Intermediary program is intended to empower people with disabilities and their families with an opportunity to design and manage services based on their individual needs and goals. Self-Direction embraces the key principles of choice, inclusion, empowerment, and family involvement. It is a person-centered approach that focuses on all aspects of service planning.

Self-Direction gives participants and their families the power to use resources in ways that make sense in their lives. A Self-Direction Broker brings together the most important people in a person’s life in a circle of support to help plan a better lifestyle that allows them to be productive in their community. Individuals hire support staff and choose which services to receive by allocating money from their budget.

The Harris Hands Self Direction/ Fiscal Intermediary program helps participants manage their services and staff through initial and ongoing training. Self-Direction allows for an individual to be creative when designing a service plan that best supports their needs.

To be eligible, the individual must be:
  • A determination of eligibility for New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities services is required prior to acceptance
  • To participate, a person must have a strong circle of support and a desire to be self-determining
  • A Self-Direction Broker dedicated to the individual and the planning process is essential to the success of this service
  • Referrals can be made by an individual, a care coordinator or a member of the circle of support
  • Brokers collaborate with a Harris Hands Community Services Inc. to ensure that every Self-Direction plan and budget includes all services a person wants to purchase.
  • Budgets are based on an individual’s needs and available funding.
  • Persons seeking services must be enrolled in Medicaid
  • Be waivered (HCBS) or be eligible to be waivered

For more information on our Self-Direction/Fiscal Intermediary Program, please contact Stephanie Day at: